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Trepan: Trivia
  • Submitted as an Official entry in The ABCs of Death: The 26th Director Contest.
  • Filmed on a Sony HVRZ7U HDV Camcorder.
  • Production began for Trepan in June 2011.
  • Production lasted a total of three months, from start to finish.
  • "Trepan" marks John Wendland's second appearance in a Cadaver Hour Films production.
  • Shot on location in Lafayette, Sparta and Denville, New Jersey, over the course of two weekends.
  • The opening sequence was filmed at night in Lafayette Village.
  • The escape and torture sequences were filmed in John Wendland's yard and basement.
  • The suit worn by Natalie DeStefano-Solan was purchased at a thrift store.
  • As Natalie DeStefano-Solan waited roadside for a shot to be set up, a concerned passerby stopped to offer assistance after noticing Natalie's bruised, bloodied and disheveled appearance.
  • Multiple takes had to be shot of Natalie DeStefano-Solan attempting to open the trailer door because each time she pulled the handle, she would yank the door open.
  • When "Anna" is attacked in the woods, both Natalie DeStefano-Solan and John Wendland slipped simultaneously, causing the tree branch to actually make contact. No injuries were sustained.
  • Natalie DeStefano-Solan sustained an ankle injury during the final outside running shot.
  • While filming an up-close shot of John Wendland swinging the tree branch, Chris Wendland tripped and was almost hit.
  • Lauren Hastie, the "Hanging Corpse" in the silo, held on to a winch rope attached to a Jeep in the driveway above.
  • Depending on who was filming, someone was always off-camera, inside of the silo, to lend support when Lauren Hastie became tired of holding herself up.
  • The wooden chair was built from scratch with the filming of the drilling sequence in mind.
  • Fake tongues were imported from The Netherlands. As a result, the tongue severing scene had to be postponed due to shipping delays.
  • A piece of cooked chicken was used in the close-up shots of the severed tongue.
  • The person drilling changes from shot-to-shot due to Joseph Antonucci Jr. being unavailable to shoot on the second week. Joseph Wendland filled in for him.
  • A container with fake blood and doll hair was placed between Natalie DeStefano-Solan's head and the back of the chair for the drilling sequence.
  • Natalie DeStefano-Solan's screaming was so effective, she often had to be stopped out of fear the cops would be called.
  • The dog used in the film is Chris and Lizbeth Wendland's dog, Delia. She was chosen when their other dog, Maggie, refused to cooperate on camera.
  • In the scene where "Anna" and "Peter" are shown watching TV on a couch, they are actually watching Day 53.
  • The book "Anna" was reading to "Peter" was The Lady and the Tramp.
  • An additional scene was shot to help explain the boy in the cage (Peter Wendland), but was deleted in order to retain some of the character's mystery.
  • Originally, the killers were going to be revealed as children at the film's end. The ending was changed due to availability issues.
  • The character names listed in the credits were place holders that were never changed.
  • Kevin MacLeod's "Quinn's Song: First Night" was worked in as the score after the editing had already been completed. The musical piece just happened to fit perfectly.


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