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Glen Echo Tales: Trivia
  • "Glen Echo Tales" is a quasi-sequel to Scott Glosserman & David J. Stieve's Behind The Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon.
  • Raymond Morse began working on the idea for a Leslie Vernon fan film not too long before the Official sequel, B4TM: The Return of Leslie Vernon was announced.
  • Production began for the then-untitled "Leslie Vernon" fan film in February 2011.
  • The original working title was "The Return of Leslie Vernon."
  • Storyboarding for this project began four months prior to starting pre-production on Trepan.
  • Lizbeth Wendland was in charge of storyboard illustrations.
  • The film was temporarily put on hold when the directors came across and decided to enter Jason Eisner's "Hobo With A Shotgun" trailer contest, which began shooting in March 2011.
  • Work on "Glen Echo Tales" picked back up in November 2012.
  • Filmed on a Sony HVRZ7U HDV Camcorder.
  • The Sony HVRZ7U HDV Camcorder was originally purchased for this film.
  • One of the leftover Journals from the Day 53 shoot was used for early notes, storyboard/poster sketches and script dialogue.
  • In order to be fully prepared to tackle another filmmaker/screenwriter's characters, hours of extensive research was done on the original film.
  • Raymond Morse's first pass at the script was done during an early morning shift at his job after barely getting any sleep. Out of sheer exhaustion, an organized and properly written first draft soon turned into messy shorthand scrap pages of ideas in an attempt to not forget anything as he started to fall asleep.
  • In the first draft of the scripts, Taylor was much more sarcastic with a quicker whit. Feeling as though this expanded upon her more conservative character traits a bit too much, dialogue was altered.
  • Christopher Wendland worked extensively to perfect a recipe for the "Sugar" glass used in the film.
  • "Glen Echo Tales" marks John Wendland's third appearance in a Cadaver Hour Films production.


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