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About Cadaver Hour Films
Cadaver Hour Films is an up-and-coming production company out of New Jersey founded by Raymond Morse and Christopher Wendland. Childhood friends since middle school, they both have always had a love for movies and stuck by each other over the years. Later, the two of them would talk about the direction their lives would take and decide that a future in filmmaking is what they want to strive for. Although they share many of the same tastes in film, they both bring together vastly different visions of nearly all aspects in filmmaking and blend together the best of both worlds with their ideas.

Starting from scratch with little experience and many ideas, Ray and Chris began to work on their first film and soon Cadaver Hour Films was born. Seeking little more than experience, they decided to enter a contest for George A. Romero's then newly-released "Diary of the Dead" with their short film, "Day 53." It was then that they knew their love for movies and filmmaking would not stop there. To follow up their first project, Ray and Chris entered the ABCs of Death: The 26th Director contest with their next film, "Trepan," which reached 100,000 online views in just a year.

The year 2013 brings a lot of excitement for Cadaver Hour Films with new ideas and new films on the horizon, so enjoy the show!

About the Owners

Raymond Morse - Director, Writer, Producer
Born in New Jersey, Ray Morse is a movie enthusiast and aspiring filmmaker with a passion for everything horror. As his movie collection grew throughout the years, so did his book of film ideas before he eventually partnered up with long-time friend Chris Wendland for their first short film, Day 53, as part of a contest for George A. Romero's "Diary of the Dead." They followed this up with Trepan for another contest as Ray continues to explore his love of horror movies with on-going projects and new films.

Christopher Wendland - Director, Writer, Producer
Best described as a moderate movie enthusiast, Chris Wendland was born in New Jersey and has a passion for story-telling in film. He has always appreciated a well-thought out plot without much care to genre or special effects and has a desire to share his ideas and stories with his own films. The process behind making a movie from scratch and being on set also played a large role for Chris as he and childhood friend Ray Morse delved into filmmaking and created their first short films together and founded Cadaver Hour Films.


Latest Videos
Short film. Official entry for the ABCs of Death contest.
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Day 53
Short film. Official entry for "Diary of the Dead" contest.
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Day 53 Gag Reel
A compilation of bloopers from the set of Day 53.
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Day 53 Trailer
Official contest entry trailer for our short film, Day 53.
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1/29/13: Director's Welcome